Sending of a proof of bankruptcy claim

April 6, 2023

To All Creditors,

                       Bankrupt: Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation

                       Bankruptcy Trustee: Yoichiro Komatsu, Attorney-at-law


We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your understanding and cooperation in the bankruptcy proceedings of Bankrupt Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation.

In this bankruptcy proceeding, the period for filing a proof of bankruptcy claim and the period for investigating bankruptcy claims had not been set, and thus the sending of a Proof of Bankruptcy Claim had been put on hold. However, since we now expect to be able to pay dividends in this bankruptcy proceeding, the Osaka District Court has set a period for filing a Proof of Bankruptcy Claim and for investigating bankruptcy claims, and we are now in the process of sending out the Proofs of Bankruptcy Claims to all creditors.

Proofs of Bankruptcy Claims are scheduled to be sent out sequentially from April 7, 2023 by the Osaka District Court.


[Contents of the Mailing]

(Common to all creditors)

(1) Notice of Period for Filing Proofs of Claims and Period for Investigating Claims (Court)

(2) Proof of Bankruptcy Claim

(3) Notice (Bankruptcy Trustee)

(4) [How to File a Proof of Claim, etc.]


(Labor Creditors (former employees))

In addition to (1), (3), and (4) above, the following documents are enclosed:

(5) Proof of Labor Claim, etc. (for employees only)

(6) [How to Fill in a Proof of Claim]

(7) Creditors with Labor Claims (to former employees)

*  The amount of labor claims, etc. that the bankruptcy trustee is aware of is printed in advance on the Proof of Labor Claims, etc. actually mailed to the former employees.


(Foreign Creditors)

In addition to (1) through (4) above, the English translations of (1) through (4) and (8) Instructions For How to Fill in a Proof of Claim are enclosed.

For foreign creditors, procedures will be by fax (+81-6-6221-3344) or e-mail ( For details, please refer to (4) [How to File a Proof of Claim, etc.].


[Items to be Noted]

*  If you have not received the Proof of Bankruptcy Claim or wish to request a re-issuance, please contact the bankruptcy trustee by fax at +81+6-6221-3344 or by e-mail at

*  The date for filing the Proof of Bankruptcy Claim is set on June 7, 2023 (must arrive no later than that date) by the decision of the Osaka District Court. If you fail to meet the deadline, you may be required to incur extra expenses or may not be allowed to exercise your rights as a creditor, so please be sure to meet the deadline.

*  Please refer to "Q&A on Bankruptcy Proceedings" (Q3, Q9, Q5, Q14) on this website for frequently asked questions regarding the filing of a proof of claim.