An Announcement from the newly appointed trustee

 May 13, 2022

To: whom it may concern

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1. Message fromthe Trustee in Bankruptcy

 The bankrupt Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation ("OHE") filed a petition for bankruptcy with the Osaka District Court on May 13, 2022 (Case No: OSAKA District Court REIWA 4 (Fu) No.1640), and I was appointed as a trustee in bankruptcy of OHE.

From now on, all authority over the management of OHE's business and the management and disposal of its assets is transferred to me.

I will proceed with these bankruptcy proceedings in a prompt and fair manner under the supervision of the court, and I would appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all parties concerned.

2. About the Notification of Claims

Because the Bankrupt’s property may not be enough to pay the expenses required in the bankruptcy procedure, you do not have to file the proofs of claims for now. After the investigation if it is decided that the Bankrupt’s property is enough to pay the expenses, I shall notify through this website and by other means and the known creditors will receive notice along with the notification form for filing the proofs of claims.

If the Bankrupt’s property will not be enough to pay the expenses required in the bankruptcy procedure, the procedure shall be completed without filing the proofs of claims.

3. About Information

As for this bankruptcy case, meetings for reporting the status of bankrupt’s assets is not planned to hold as of today, but will report the status of bankrupt’s assets through this website and by other proper and timely manner such as by mail.

We will also inform of any progress of this bankruptcy case on this website going forward, so please check it from time to time.

4. Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the progress of the bankruptcy proceedings, please contact the Trustee. Inquiry through this website, by e-mail or fax is preferred especially for English inquiry..

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